Documentation for Public Access

In compliance with federal law, The Buffalo Foundation will publish all required documentation relative to our nonprofit incorporation and tax exempt status on our website. This measure satisfies the requirements stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service regarding public availability of said documentation.

Additionally, printed copies of the documentation will be made available upon request, for a fee, as specified by law. Such requests may be made in writing.

IRS 501(c)3 Charity Non-Profit Organization


IRS 990EZ 2015 Form BF Filed
AZ Form 99 for 2015 BF Filed
IRS 990EZ 2014 Form BF Filed
AZ Form 99 for 2014 BF Filed
2012 990EZ Form
2012 99 Form
2011 990EZ Form
2011 99 Form
2010 990EZ Form
2010 99 Form