What is the Buffalo Foundation

The Buffalo Foundation Inc., a 501(c)3 organization, is proud to announce a partnership with Ira A. Fulton, a distinguished Tempe High School graduate and loyal Buffalo. Mr. Fulton has graciously agreed to assist the Buffalo Foundation in it’s first matching funds project, appropriately called, ‘Ira’s Challenge’.

Mr. Fulton’s matching funds project provides significant opportunity to build a solid financial future for Tempe High through the Buffalo Foundation. Revenue generated through ‘Ira’s Challenge’ will strengthen and support on -going and future educational and extra curricular activities at Tempe High. Mr. Fulton and the Buffalo Foundation are challenging the Tempe High School community to create and maintain a ‘culture of giving’ in which all members of the Buffalo family do their part to help meet the needs and achieve the vision for Tempe High School.

The Buffalo Foundation is the prime membership organization for Tempe High School. The Foundation was established in 2006 by a small group of Administrators and Faculty for the purpose of bringing together students, parents, faculty, alumni and community to celebrate Tempe High’s 100th Anniversary, and develop a sustainable financial resource which could provide funding and support for Tempe High, its students, staff, and educational programs.

The Buffalo Foundation provides financial assistance to Tempe High students, faculty, and staff, which enables them to participate in special activities when student activity funding is not available and allows them to more fully participate in cultural, performance and educational opportunities throughout the country.

In 2007, in celebration of our 100th Anniversary, we brought together our family of alumni and community partners to reconnect with our past and establish financial support for our future. The Buffalo Foundation became a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

The Foundation continues to honor the alumni, community partnerships and educational endeavors of Tempe High. Foundation funding relies on membership dues, bequests, donations, and community support.

The Buffalo Foundation strives to preserve the proud traditions and rich history of Tempe High School and serves as an alumni association.

Members receive annual newsletters. Our Annual Meeting features the induction of new members into the Tempe High “Circle of Honor” which recognizes alumni, faculty, and friends of Tempe High for excellence in educational, professional, and community achievement.

We are proud to announce our Inductees into the first Buffalo Foundation “Circle of Honor” and Grand Marshals for our 100th Anniversary Homecoming Parade in October of 2007.

Ira Fulton
Harry Mitchell
Ben Arredondo
Joe Spracale
Johnny Martinez
Jim Shinn
Dianne Aguilar
Dr. Christine Kajikawa Wilkinson
Georgene Brock
Sue Enright
Shana Ellis
Tomika Bethea

Foundation Membership

You can download membership form and mail it to:

Buffalo Foundation
P.O. BOX 27405
Tempe, Arizona 85285